Monday, October 29, 2007

The Gospel According to Stan the Man

The current Wolverine storyline sets out to explain what happens each time when Logan is seemingly killed and then returns to life. It all starts on the war ravished fields of France in the second decade of the twentieth century. On second thought, there's too much backstory here. Wolverine beat the angel of death and now gets a second chance at life every time he dies, so long as he can beat him again.
I was explaining this to a church discussion group when some cynicism presented itself.

V: He killed the angel of death?
D: Not really killed, just defeated in battle.
V: Still, how can he beat the angel of death?
D: Well Jacob wrestled an angel to a standstill.
G: And Wolverine could totally kick Jacob's ass.

It was at this point when I realized something about myself. Each week that I've met with my church discussion group I've questioned the nature of God, religion, the church, faith, truth, etc. I never question the Marvel Bullpen. Some could argue that I don't question comics because I regard them as fiction, but the point remains. In all outer appearances I seem to have more faith in Marvel Comics than I do in my own religion.

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